HELLO golfing friends! How was your Happy Hearts Day? Wet? Haha. Naughty friends, hush now. Yes, it has been raining. All the more reason to stay indoors. Right? And this means—I may have future birthday twins!

I mentioned in Facebook that I was born on November 15, nine months after love day. This means that Dad and Mom made me on Valentine’s evening until the wee hours of the morning the next day (15th). Hahaha! Ugh! Removing that thought now. LoL

Hello future birthday twins, 2017 Valentine’s day babies! Thank the windy and rainy weather for your gift of life!

Anthony Petalcorin said, “Imee now you know, more than ever, that you are really a product of love.”

And Joe Fernandez said, “Your dad was definitely in love with mom.”

And Robby Alabado said, “Literally a love child.” Yes! Yes! Yes! Hugs everyone.

Change topic. You may have noticed, there has been an influx of visitors in our city recently. Never ending! And what makes our guests in the succeeding days different from the previous ones? They are darker, but with white feet. Haha! And they will be bringing their second loves, their heavy darlings—their golf sets.

A few more days to go and the baggage carousel of Philippine Airlines at the Davao International Airport terminal will be filled with golf bags once again.

The 70th PAL Interclub is almost here!

And as for the local participants, they are trying to get ready too. But it will be a struggle since the weather hasn’t been cooperating.

Practice putting at home? Aside from a putting mat, you may want a stimpmeter too. For the specs, here’s what probablegolfinstruction.com shared online.

A stimpmeter is a device that measures the speed of a green. The stimpmeter is an extruded aluminum bar, 36 inches long, with a V-shaped groove extending along its entire length. It has a precisely milled ball-release notch 30" from the tapered end (the end that rests on the ground). The underside of the tapered end is milled away to reduce bounce as a rolling ball makes contact with the green. The V-shaped groove has an included angle of 145 degrees, thereby supporting a golf ball at two points ½" apart.

A ball rolling down the groove has a slight overspin, which is thoroughly consistent and has no deleterious effect on the ensuing measurements. The ball-release notch is designed so that a ball will always be released and start to roll when the stimpmeter is raised to an angle of approximately 20 degrees. This feature ensures that the velocity of the ball will always be the same when it reaches the tapered end.

This is a nice project. Negosyo time! Any takers?

Last week, I posted the names of the PAL Seniors participants. This week, introducing--the participants of the PAL Interclub Regular Men’s Division. Here they are:

Team Apo Golf Club: Glenn Yap (non playing team captain), Jing Gavino, Karloz Alba, Vincent Gumapac, Den Den De Castro, Ryan Co, Jorge Martinez, Monchit Mackay, Leo Fusilero, Tsikoy Saavedra, and Toffee Tionko.

Team Rancho Palos Verdes: Noe Taojo (team captain), Roderick Lo, Kuresh Samanodi, Ronald Galicia, EJ Casintahan, Marc Lopez, Addy Briones, Leo Yap, Chris Tan, Joseph Ng, and Khalik Samanodi.

Team Davao City Golf Club: Apo Luna (team captain), Ludwig Ledesma, Larry Pasquil, Jun Jun Grandeza, Oying Caturan, Elvie Naranjo, Mark Oropeza, Richard Bad-Ang, Reinz Yamyamin, and Sonny Lebosada.

Team Lanang Golf Club: Paul Dakudao, Bobby Plana, Ned Sanchez, Andrew Pineda, Raymund Salvador, Ruben Erikson, Danny Nagayo, Danny Gotera, Boy Arriba, and Dennis Te. Hello, Paul, you forgot to mention who your team captain is. Educated guess: You.

Good Luck to everyone!