PROJECT Health Smile (PHS) is an initiative that promotes oral health to underprivileged children worldwide.

In 2015, Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. (JIKFI) initiated a partnership with PHS, a US-based non-government organization established to promote healthy smiles worldwide.

Michelle Patterson and Hollie Mae Schultz, executive directors and founders of PHS, recently visited Cebu for a monitoring visit at Tabunan Integrated School, the beneficiary of the successful oral health project of JIKFI-PHS.

The 10-month Project Health Smile established the importance of tooth brushing and provided services, including tooth scaling and polishing.

PHS and JIKFI implemented the project for school children of Tabunan in Cebu City from February to December 2015.

PHS supplied dental kits for 330 school children of Tabunan and sponsored a cash reward, which the school used in installing a tooth brushing station in the new building constructed on campus grounds.

On Feb. 2, 2017, Patterson and Schultz, accompanied by JIKFI executive director Kenneth King and foundation staff, met with school officials headed by Fernando Limotan, school principal, to check on the toothbrush racks in classrooms and the tooth brushing station.

They observed a dental education class conducted by teachers.

The visit was graced by officials of the Department of Education Cebu City Division—a partner of the foundation’s “Project Healthy Smile.”

PHS and JIKFI plan to replicate the 10-month program in Tabunan at a new project site, in cooperation with the DepEd Cebu City Division.

PHS and JIKFI personnel conducted an initial visit to Camp Lapu Lapu Elementary School in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City on Feb. 2.

The school has been chosen as the beneficiary for the replication of the 10-month project geared toward promoting good oral habits among marginalized communities in Cebu.

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