CEBU is not short of ramen places but there are shops that lead the pack. Barikata Ramen Bar, which won Best Ramen for SunStar Best of Cebu 2016, has new things in store for its patrons.

Aside from offering the best of traditional and authentic tonkotsu ramen, Barikata introduces two types of ramen, this time with a more modern take: tsukemen and maze soba.

Tsukemen, which literally means dipping ramen, is served in two bowls—one for the broth and one for noodles—along with fresh chasu, tamago and nori for added flavors. Barikata offers three flavors for the tsukemen broth: shiro (traditional tonkotsu), aka (spicy tonkotsu) and kuro (tonkotsu with roasted ground garlic and sesame oil). A unique way to enjoy noodles, tsukemen provides a hearty and delicious meal one slurp at a time.

The soupless ramen called maze soba originated from Nagoya. Served in a big bowl of noodles, minced pork, egg yolk, sesame seeds, scallions, onions, bonito flakes, vinegar and sesame oil, this is a whole different way to enjoy ramen yet filling a hungry stomach in every way. In Barikata, one can choose to either have Kuro Maze Soba (topped with roasted garlic and sesame oil) or Aka Maze Soba (spicy sesame oil).

These new additions to the menu are accompanied by even more delicious Japanese dishes like the different Don Buri or rice bowl dishes, which come in two toppings—Ebi Tendon, a rice bowl topped with shrimp tempura, and Gyudon, a rice bowl topped with beef and onions simmered in sweet sauce.

Barikata Ramen Bar is located in the ground floor of the Calyx Building in Cebu IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.