NETIZENS in Bacolod City expressed outraged over the banner mounted by the Diocese of Bacolod at the entrance of San Sebastian Cathedral Friday, denouncing the revival of the death penalty.

The message on the tarpaulin reads, “Death Penalty? No, no, no sa Berdugo! Yes, yes, yes sa kay Kristo. (No to executioner. Yes to Christ)” A berdugo is an executioner or a hangman.

We continue to advocate for life through this campaign, said Fr. Felix Pasquin, rector of San Sebastian Cathedral.

He reiterated that the church believes in giving second chances, and not in killing criminals.

Moreover, Pasquin said the Congress should be open to debates and exchange of opinions.

“The purpose of the debate is for lawmakers to reach a consensus that would benefit the people,” he added.

However, the move of the church has earned the ire of some netizens.

Photos of the mounted banner posted on SunStar Bacolod’s Facebook account drew negative comments from social media users, who said they don’t feel like going to church anymore because the homily is more about politics, and not about the gospel of God.

In his comment, Ado de la Rama said: “Pondering whether to hear mass this Sunday because homily these past few weeks ain't about the gospel anymore, but rather more than political.”

Daniel Jalandoni Lim wrote: “I’ve had enough of the hypocrite church. I’m attending Christian services the past years already.”

Milagros Besmanos said that she doesn’t need to go to church anymore: “Correct, kaya ako pray na lang at tiwala ky God. No need to go church, puro politics ang ginawali. Waste lang ang time mo sa mga pare na Hippocrates (hypocrite).”

Andrea Jayme said that death penalty is only for heinous crimes.

“I am a Roman Catholic. My ancestors (have) been donating lots for the church/chapel, but all I wish tani - e base ang sermon sa gospel, readings of the day. We just offer prayers for our leaders and personal intentions. I feel bad about pamati politicking inside the church. I offer prayers for our church and for our government officials to function as what we Filipinos expect (from) them…”

Nancy Discutido stated: “Very sad, every time mag simba, mag homily, puro pulitika kag criticize sa gobyerno. How I wish maibalik na ang homily base sa gospel of the day.”

Engiemar Tupas commented: “I am not hearing mass already because the church becomes so political. Instead of sowing love, it sows hatred with their homilies.”

Pangkay Ortega said: “All throughout the bible, death penalty is the punishment for severe transgressions, why the church does not refer to this?”

Leo Mar Descalsota Montaño said: “No, no, no to greedy priests. And the Church is separated from the state.”

However, Elizabeth Lorenzo, who seemed to side with the church, said: “you can change religion if you want, don’t go to mass. Simple as ABC. Hindi nga kayo nag-iingay sa corruption at plunder na lalo nagpapahirap sa bayan. Haay naku. Lastly, wag niyo pag-aaralin mga anak nyo sa Catholic schools. Period.”