THE war on drugs has turned out to become "successful" after the administration tapped the help of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the narcotics crackdown, President Rodrigo said Saturday.

"Little did I know that the drug problem was more complex until tens of thousands of drug users started turning themselves in. I directed the PMA, with the support of the AFP, to conduct war against illegal drugs. And it was, by and large, successful," Duterte said during the alumni homecoming of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Fort del Pilar, Baguio City.

The President in February tasked the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, with the coordination of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to proceed with its fights against illicit drug sale.

Duterte made the decision after he banned the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation from carrying out his anti-drug crackdown because of the supposed corruption within the two agencies.

He believed the military would not taint its reputation, noting its "template of discipline and civility."

"Government must now deliver goods and services to really serve the people, not just the interest of the few. In the past, the government verged on failure because those who were in the position to help deliberately with wrong decision, which favored only themselves," the President said.

"But we will always uphold the sanctity of the common good as the highest good, and always for the benefit of the next generation," he added. (SunStar Philippines)


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