THE Barracks. A place where honor and hardwork are highly prized, where sweat and tears are shed for the glory of winning the battle.

No, we aren’t talking about an actually barracks where soldiers can be found. We’re talking about a place that offers fun activities.

Located at J Center Mall on A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu, The Barracks is a great place for families and friends to test and hone their archery, targeting, dodging and jumping skills while still having loads of fun.

Curious much? Here’s a list of all the fun things one can do at The Barracks.

Laser tag. Ever played tag as a kid? It’s a simple game of catching someone and tagging them as “it,” and that person has to catch someone else to make him “it.” Simple enough, right? Well, add in a few laser guns and it’s a whole new ball game. The Barracks offers a game of laser tag that everyone can enjoy. With laser guns and simulations of combat, role play-style games are possible. Or, players can turn the game into a competitive sport where tactical configurations and precise game goals are needed.

Laser maze. If being one of those spies in movies who hop, cartwheel and slide over laser beams to get to a hidden treasure is on the agenda, then one should head over to The Barracks’ laser maze. Here, one can test his abilities in dodging and skillfully avoding harmless laser beams to escape the maze in the fastest time possible. Remember, one should not hit the laser beams so he doesn’t trigger the alarm.

Archery tag. Letting one’s inner Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) out has never been easier than with The Barracks’ archery tag at its very own archery arena—a first in the country! A mixture of dodgeball, paintball and laser tag, archery tag is a popular game at The Barracks. With bunkers at the ready for cover, let foam tipped arrows fly. The first team to strike all the players on the opposing team wins. The perks of this game? Everyone survives while honing their archery skills. Score!

Hover ball. Raring to learn archery but just can’t get over how serious it is with all its equipment and technicalities? Just want to shoot arrows at targets but do it safely? Hover ball provides one just that. At The Barracks, it gives one the opportunity to learn archery by trying to hit floating—yes, they really do float—balls from a distance while still learning how to do it properly. A dose of hover ball before heading off to the archery arena for some archery tag—as hover ball hones one’s targeting skills—is highly recommended.


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