GOVERNMENT prosecutor Mary Ann Castro insists that she is the “legal wife” of Leodegreco “Greco” Sanchez.

So, being a member of the Sanchez family, Castro said she has the “rightful share” of her estranged husband’s properties.

“After all, I am only claiming my right to the share of my husband. Nothing more,” said Castro in her reply to the petition for cancellation of adverse claims filed by Sanchez’s sister, former Cebu Provincial Board member Grecilda Zaballero.

Castro said that Zaballero is the one “lusting” after the properties of Sanchez after losing in the May 2016 elections.

In fact, the prosecutor said, Sanchez wants to “secure” Greco’s inherited properties from their parents since Zaballero “will do all the manipulation to amass it all by herself, including his (Greco’s) shares.”

Zaballero earlier filed a string of criminal charges against Castro before the Department of Justice.

She wants Castro dismissed from service for alleged abuse of authority, misconduct, immorality, conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service in the performance of her duty as a public prosecutor.

“Castro had already been notoriously undesirable as a public prosecutor because of her involvement in several controversies in the City of Cebu as public prosecutor,” said Zaballero in her complaint-affidavit.

Castro and Sanchez married in a Muslim rite last Aug. 18, 2015. Two months later, they separated after Sanchez left Castro’s house in Talisay City.

Castro later filed a petition in court seeking appointment as administrator of Sanchez’s properties worth P100 million.