IT worked. When government and the community work together, goals become attainable.

Success marked the initial implementation of the campaign to keep intersections clear or KIC as initiated by the Cebu Road Heroes, a Facebook group that advocates road discipline, and the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO). Reports said the number of drivers apprehended for not keeping clear the intersections in Cebu City has decreased. From 59 violations in November 2015 to January 2016, the number dropped to 42 in November 2016 to January 2017.

It’s a small number but, when intersections are blocked, the risks are huge. People endanger themselves by walking outside pedestrian lanes; motorcycles and cars compete for space at the front as if the closer they are to the red light, the faster it would turn green.

The number of violations refer to those apprehended in relation to rules on road intersections. A box junction, or “junction box” as used by CCTO in its list of penalties, is a yellow box with an “X” inside and is typically found in road intersections, a SunStar Cebu report said. The box is meant to prevent congestion at intersections and force drivers to give way to others.

Even when the light is green, drivers are not allowed to proceed to the box if there is no room on the other side. The yellow traffic light informs drivers to slow down instead of speed up. Only those already in the box may continue driving. Violators are fined P500 each.

When the KIC campaign of CCTO and the Cebu Road Heroes started last November, they went on an education drive on Facebook, in posters on streets, and through freshly painted junction boxes. Members of the Cebu Road Heroes posted photos and video of vehicles they caught clogging intersections. “Do you KIC?” they asked. A shame campaign of violators got members involved.

SunStar entered into an agreement with Cebu Road Heroes to have the campaign in the newspaper, at and on the Sumbongero group on Facebook of SunStar Philippines.

Now, let’s do more. How about teaching motorcycle drivers to respect the KIC rule? While car drivers do their part, motorcycles swarm to the front, blocking pedestrian lanes. There’s still work ahead.


A little plug: Welcome to Cebu to family, friends, and golf buddies of my dad, Amado F. Cabaero Sr. They are here to play today in the memorial golf tournament for Dad at the Mactan Island Golf Club in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Dad passed away on Dec. 8, 2015 at the age of 91. He was an avid golfer. He once wrote, “In my sunset years, to keep myself physically fit, or so I could fit into my clothes, I try to play golf, (my kind of golf, that is) once or twice a week. Playing with other senior citizens is fun which only senior citizens can appreciate or endure. Either we can hit the ball but can’t see it or we can see the ball but can’t hit it. That sort of thrill and frustration.”

Enjoy golf in heaven, Dad. And good luck to players today.