IN THE ranking by demographics, the Philippines has the youngest population. Europe, the Middle East and the United States are areas with old populace.

We tend to judge the young, owing to their over-indulgence in the use of their gadgets. Let them browse websites as long as we monitor their usage of the internet. Encourage them to discover places they have not been to.

There are thousands of students who intend to pursue studies abroad like that student who will be taking up Environmental Engineering. We hope that after her studies, she would come back and share what she has learned with her fellow Filipinos.

Millennials are the future of our country. Their creative minds may work differently compared to the experience and the capabilities of baby boomers who are now in their 60s.

Our millennials’ willingness to take risks should be considered as a positive trait. It simply shows how confident they are in their venture. Have you not noticed that there are more young entrepreneurs?

This generation is more scientific and this is what our country needs… more engineers and scientists, in fact, there are inventors and innovators among them.

Millennials could help us cope with our changing climate, drainage and wastes management or they may have some suggestions for alternative sources of fuel.

They are therefore our assets. They just need encouragement. With the right incentive and proper motivation, our country has the potential to compete with our neighboring countries. I am optimistic that these millennials will give us that “amazing” moment.

Our authorities reportedly have a list of drug dependents who surrendered to the barangays. This, therefore, makes it convenient for the medical experts to determine, after proper evaluation, who among them could be rehabilitated and who could be readily tapped in the various government projects and become useful citizens of this country. Let us not treat them as liabilities.

Allow them to grab the opportunity to become assets.

Our country is very rich in natural resources. We have been exporting raw materials and importing finished products. Let us build factories and be production- oriented since Pinoys are known to be creative. It would be a shame to waste our valuable millennials; human resources that other countries wish they had.