A 36-year-old woman was arrested inside the Talisay City Jail yesterday for allegedly trying to smuggle more than 50 grams of suspected shabu.

Suspect April Mariquit allegedly yielded assorted packs of shabu–three large packs, two medium packs and one small pack–during an inspection. A P78,000 cash was also found from her possession.

Chief Insp. Josephus Jelianggao, Talisay City Jail warden, said that Mariquit, a resident of Barangay Lawaan 3, together with her three kids, was at the facility to visit her husband, Richie, who was detained since last month for a drug-related offense.

During a routine body frisk before a visitor is allowed to enter the jail, JO1 Geraldine Calum noticed that something was bulging on Mariquit’s pants. Calum felt thick paddings on Mariquit’s legs.

Mariquit was brought to Jelianggao’s office where, in the presence of a barangay official and local media, the drugs secured around her legs with a tape and the cash were found.

Mariquit refused to comment on the allegation.