A TAXI driver is facing charges before the court after he was arrested Friday, February 3 due to a road accident on Carlos P. Garcia Highway in Davao City.

Charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide is Lucio Lumen, a driver of the Maligaya taxicab bearing plate number LXA-907 and resident of this city.

According to the traffic investigation report, the victim identified as Miguel Peli III, driver of the motorcycle with plate number LP-42182, and the accused were both traversing the highway going to Ma-a around 10:30 p.m., February 3.

The victim was occupying the fast lane while the accused was on the inner lane but from the inner lane, the accused executed a U-turn going back to Buhangin blocking the fast approaching motorcycle driven by Miguel.

The motorcycle driver died due to the impact of the collision.

Though it appears that it was the victim’s motorcycle that hit the taxi of the accused, the cause of the accident was the execution of U-turn of the accused, the resolution said, thus Prosecutor Joy Bernales-Largo found probable cause to charge the accused based on the complaint filed by the parents of the victim.

The complaint was resolved after the accused opted not to avail his right to a preliminary investigation before the prosecution office. (ICT)