THERE is obviously a renewed attack on the presidency, and the rabid opposition are eyeing February 25, the anniversary of the Edsa Revolution.

Except that, the fervor that brought about Edsa Revolution has long been tarnished by the missteps and misadministration in the past. The fervor of the past failed to deliver development equity to the other parts of the country such that 31 years later, the revolution is now regarded as a revolution on what it was named: Edsa. Edsa, being just a long strip of congested highway that has since been causing Filipinos to curse, can no longer represent the whole country.

That does not mean that we will forget how it played a role in Philippine development and history. But only for its lessons, and not for what it now represents.

The Edsa Revolution that the opposition is now drumming up in a bid to remind the country of the Marcos dictatorship while trying to paint President Rodrigo Duterte in the same shade should not sway us into believing the manipulators. Instead, let us take the memory of how people came in unity and a common dream of real development and progress for the country that does not benefit only one family.

Such aspiration is closer at hand now more than ever. Let us not allow the hidden hands of those who want to grab power, grab that dream away from us again. Let's hold on to the dream and let's work as one Filipino nation to achieve it.

Let the destabilizers stay where they should always be, in the background, lusting but never achieving their own selfish dreams. Let us, as one people, work on to bring forth growth and prosperity for all in the inclusive growth that is envisioned for all and that has been enabled of late.

February 25 is just around the corner; let it not be a gathering to bring back the past that has not done us any good, long after the dictator has been booted out. Rather, let that day remind us that given the opportunities we have now, we can forge on to prosperity for all. Let us not waste these opportunities as we wasted the gains of 1986.