WORKPLACE ethics involves the application of moral principles or set of standards about what should be done right in an organization that empowers people to exercise their conscience every day.

The observance of ethics for members of an organization from top to bottom can foster and maintain a harmonious relationship and can keep employees become more productive.

Although, most people say that it is impossible to be ethical at all times, there are still employees you can find sustaining to become moral and ethical for the benefit of not only himself or herself but for the entire organization. These types of people are only rare but they seemed like angels disguised as humans.

But how do we know if a person is ethical or not and what are the characteristics that embody them?

Integrity and Loyalty – Ethical people are honest and not afraid to admit their mistakes. They don’t damage co-worker’s credibility, in other words, they don’t gossip. They protect their organization at all cost and make sure that their company’s name is not put in vain. They cannot be bought by money and they are loyal to their jobs like they are keeping a family of their own.

Punctuality – they never allow people to wait for them. The time of other people are much precious than their own time. They respect deadlines and they believe that chronic tardiness is a sign of chronic rudeness. Time for them is gold and they always make sure to arrive at an appointment earlier than scheduled.

Positive attitude - they do not entertain bad thoughts and vibes. Their optimism foster good feelings even when one is in a negative situation. It magically changes a poor situation into something heavenly. It builds relationships and heals wounds. It connects people positively – a very good antidote to a chaotic environment and people.

Professionalism - ethical people are rule and policy-oriented. They know that it is good to do good deeds even when there are no people watching them. They don’t shout when somebody screams on them, they don’t meddle with other’s life and they stay always calm even when faced with adversities and difficult people. They are loyal, punctual, positive, responsible and everything – they are truly professional!

Responsibility - they keep their word and are always accountable for the results of their actions and they own up to their mistakes. They do not delegate what cannot be delegated and they are ready to respond to emergencies and evaluate results of their outputs.

Teamwork – they can work with group of people effectively. They respect opinions and suggestions. There is unity of direction and they don’t count each effort but deals with the tasks collectively. Their ability to work in a team creates a strong working relationship leading to meaningful goals.

Ah, why do most people say they become unethical because everybody does or does not do the same? Some will say it is okay to be a little unethical because nobody is going to notice it. But the truth is that work ethics is an invisible attribute which is only noticed when it is absent. Hence, when you don’t have work ethics everybody will see it.

So, learn to work ethically. Work with dignity and remember that a person with good ethics possesses three essential factors: hard work, good performance and dependable results. And to be ethical is to have a heart with integrity and loyalty, punctuality, positive attitude, professionalism, responsibility and team work!

Check and trust your good heart now – you will never go wrong!