CEBU Archbishop Jose Palma challenged the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to be truthful in its quest to eradicate corruption in government.

Palma also urged Duterte to go after those who are involved in corruption.

Palma was reacting to reports that Solicitor General Jose Calida plans to file a manifestation before the Court of Appeals to recommend the acquittal of controversial “pork barrel queen” Janet Lim Napoles over the serious illegal detention charges filed against her.

After hearing of Calida’s plan, Palma questioned the Duterte administration’s sincerity in its mandate to eradicate corruption.

Palma was one of those who led the campaign in eradicating the pork barrel system here in Cebu.

But Palma said that he will leave it to the judicial system to decide on the matter.

“I just pray that the administration will be true to its promise that to really make those guilty of graft and corruption be held accountable for their crimes,” Palma added.

Last Saturday, church members joined students, professionals and members of cause-oriented groups to protest plans to reinstate the death penalty.

However, the church made it clear that its opposition doesn’t mean it tolerates crime.