A MARITIME Industry Authority (Marina) investigating team arrived from Manila yesterday to conduct a formal inquiry on the sea mishap last Saturday that resulted to injuries of 58 passengers of Mv St. Braquiel of Supercat Ship Management Division.

As this developed, Marina 7 Director Nanette Villamor-Dinopol has issued another order suspending the cargo ship safety certificate of M/Tug PSC Matatag, which was towing Barge SMC 8 when the incident happened.

Braquiel hit the back portion of Barge SMC 8 near Marcelo Fernan Bridge at 10:10 pm last Feb. 18.

Dinopol said all those involved in the incident will have their day in court because all of them will be investigated.

She said she issued the suspension of the cargo ship safety certificate of M/Tug PSC Matatag, after the suspension of the certificates of Braquiel and SMC 8.

Both Reniero Maurin, captain of Braquiel, and Edgardo Binolirao, master of PSC Matatag have already submitted their respective marine protests yesterday as required by law.

Binolirao said that at past 10 p.m. last Feb. 18, Braquiel hit the starboard side. He said the barge was towed by Tugboat PSC Matatag using nylon rope at a distance of 20 meters.

While on towing, Binolirao said St. Braquiel collided at the portion of the barge.

Reniero Maurin, the master of vessel Braquiel said that they gradually reduced speed following port entry as operation procedure.

Maurin said that while approaching Marcelo Fernan Bridge, they further reduced speed and as Braquiel was about to cross the bridge, the unlighted and unmanned barge was sighted dead ahead.

They immediately applied engine full stop and evasive maneuver, but still the vessel hit the port side aft of the barge.