CAN people be so stupid?

IT'S not as if the government has been bashful in its war against illegal drugs. More than 6,000 drug personalities have been killed in legitimate operations or by unidentified men on motorcycles since President Rodrigo Duterte took power last July.

Then again, if they choose to ignore this fact, then that would answer my question.

Because, how else would you describe what happened over the weekend at the Talisay City Jail and the Cebu City Jail?

In Talisay, a 36-year-old woman was caught trying to smuggle more than 50 grams of suspected shabu inside the prison last Sunday.

April Mariquit was arrested when guards found three large packs, two medium packs and one small pack and P78,000 in cash in her possession during routine inspection.

“Routine,” let’s see, that means regular, customary, normal, usual… so it’s not like she didn’t know that she would undergo scrutiny before entering the facility. I’m sure it wasn’t her first visit. After all, her husband Ritchie has been detained there since last month for a drug-related offense.

And yet, April thought nothing of securing the packs of drugs and the money around her legs with a tape.

Did she really think she would get away with that stuff bulging in her pants?

And that’s not even the worst part. April brought along her three kids so they saw their mother get arrested with the contraband.

I just hope they weren’t present when April was forced to sit while authorities cut open her pant legs to reveal the drugs and the money because that would leave an emotional scar that they would have to bear for the rest of their lives.

It’s bad enough that their father is behind bars. Now, they’ll lose their mother, too.

You see, in this war against drugs, the casualties are not just the bloodied bodies that pile up on the streets. They are members of families, who are left orphaned or are forced to fend for themselves when a relative involved in the illegal drug trade is either killed or imprisoned.

So I hope 33-year-old Roque Lauron has no one depending on him.

The kitchen boy at the Cebu City Jail was arrested last Saturday night after he was caught with 30 grams of shabu hidden in his cap when he reported for duty.

He later told police at the Guadalupe Police Station that he had found a package with bread on the ground on his way to work.

And so what? He picked it up and found shabu inside? And he just decided to hide the contraband inside his cap and bring it to his workplace, which happens to be a prison?


If that’s not stupid, I don’t know what is.