PORAC--More than 1,000 students of the Porac High School Pulung Santol Annex underwent an anti-drug awareness seminar facilitated by Vice-Mayor Dexter David and other resource speakers on Monday.

The event is part of the on-going drive of David to promote awareness against illegal drugs among the young in the light of the national government's program to crackdown on illegal drug activities in the country.

David said that he believes the integral part of the campaign should include a strong anti-drugs awareness campaign among the young.

"The campaign should start among the young. There should be a strong formation and awareness. With this seminar we hope to give them a well informed choice to follow the right path," David said.

The event also included talks on teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The vice mayor said that awareness among the youth is essential in protecting them in making decisions that could have repercussions on their health and their futures.

"As older members of the community, we have a moral responsibility to guide the young. And we in government believe that such formative activities are important in keeping the youth informed," David said.

David added that he hopes to conduct other similar activities among the youth of the town in the coming weeks.