THE time for Filipino animators is now.

The Baguio based ZigZag Studios started with the resolve to provide opportunities for Filipino animators that is why a strategic alliance with the Indian based Xentrix Studios Pvt, LTD was made.

Raul Boncan Jr., president and CEO of the Cordillera School for Digital Animation (CSDA) and ZigZag Studios partnered with one of the biggest animation companies in India to form Xentrix Toons, Inc., the only full service 2D and 3D animation studio north of Manila.

Xentrix, is the biggest 3D animation studio in Bangalore, India with about 600 full time animators, working on 3D animation for the past decade with clients in the theme park industry, Television and cinema, while ZigZag Studio is the sole 2D animation studio employing a growing number of animators breaking into the global industry.

It has been the crusade of the CSDA to promote Curriculum to Career (C2C) training students to qualify for a job in the creative and animation industry, a feat that has become a reality since its inception over a decade ago.

The strategic linkage to Xentrix Toons allows CSDA access to the growing job market demands for its trainees and at the same time give a stable source of qualified talent to the animation studio, it is a symbiotic relationship, something not present in other business models.

Boncan said “It is a milestone for the school since we can see firsthand that their training paved way for our graduates to gain the competency and secure a professional career in animation.”

Today, the role of CSDA is to provide high quality skills training in Animation and Design & Technology Programs, honing talents to be globally competitive.

CSDA as an educational institution, brings out the best in each student both in terms of technical skill and character, Boncan said “We aim to raise up animation and creative industry ready experts but, also to train them as motivated individuals who later can be leaders in the organization.”

The combined strength of the two animation leaders, Xentrix will pave the way for a sustainable career for animators nationwide and erase the notion that the arts does not provide for a sustainable and financially rewarding career.

Xentrix Toons is now the most advanced and most capable animation studio in the Philippines. One of the key benefits of the alliance is to elevate the skill and capability of the Filipino animators who has had limited exposure in the global arena pushing the Pinoy to dominate.

Xentrix will provide exposure with on the job experience in international animation best practices which will equip the Filipino animator to become eligible for higher roles such as Creative Directors, Animation Directors and Content Development managers, molding future leaders and game changers in the industry now.

Today, 87 % of the employees of Xentrix Toons are proud graduates of the CSDA, making their passion for animation as a profitable and an enjoyable venture. Paving the way for the Filipino animators to dominate worldwide.