ORGANIZED by All Nippon Airways and the Japan Foundation Manila in cooperation with the Consular Office of Japan in Davao, Rakugo will be staged today in Cebu. The show will be in English.

Rakugo is a Japanese sit-down comedy with special Japanese guest artists to enthral Philippine audiences. It has been used as entertainment for over 400 years and is still widely popular today.

It is performed at “yoses” or specialized theaters. With their performance, the artists speak to the imagination and create the hilarious side of tradition of Japan.

It stars Kaishi Katsura, the world’s top performer of English Rakugo, along with Asakichi Katsura. Meanwhile, as a colorful counterpoint to all-talk comedy, Utsumi Eika lends her versatile voice to comic song and story with shamisen music. Finally, Lucky Mai will amaze audiences with daikagura traditional clowning, a vintage street art with elements of acrobatics, juggling, magic, dance and comedy.

Admission is free. Rakugo in English will be staged today at the Ayala Center Cinema 1 at 7 p.m. The same was staged in Makati City last Sunday and in Davao City last Monday. PR