THE Communist Party of China (CPC), through the China Foundation of Development, donated USD400,000 for the construction of Bolton Elementary School, Davao City.

International Department Minister of CPC, Song Tao during his speech before the 18th City Council Tuesday, February 21, said they came to the Philippines in behalf of the CPC of China to foster friendship and partnership in Davao and in Philippines.

“We hope for such endeavor to cement the friendship, and enhance and boost the cooperation between two countries in various fields to contribute to economic and social development of the region and of the country,” he said.

Aside from the school development, Tao said that the same funding organization will also donate $200,000 for water facilities.

“We are willing to propose cooperation in various fields through inter-political party exchanges, to Davao for friendship and cooperation, we propose cooperation in various fields,” he said.

He also added that last Monday the CPC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Senator Aquilino Pimentel III, and this is to usher new era of institutionalized exchanges between two parties and political organizations.

Tao led the Chinese delegation Tuesday along with Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua and eleven other delegates from China.

The City Council together with the department heads of the city gave a warm welcome to the Chinese delegates.

Majority Floor Leader Bernard Al-ag together with Davao City Administrator Zulieka Lopez handed a Davao City Hall façade to Tao.

Tao also handed over a Silk cloth for Mayor Inday Sara- Duterte and framed embroidery art depicting Chinese traditional houses for Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.