BACOLOD City Mayor Evelio Leonardia said on Tuesday the Bacolod Traffic Management Office (BTAO) should file a case against the policeman who hit a traffic enforcer last week.

“We want our traffic enforcers respected. An assault against enforcer is an assault against authority,” he said.

Leonardia added that the City Government is taking a step to motivate the enforcers to have a moral courage and confidence when they are exercising their duties.

Last week, Bobby Uberas was hit by a policeman three times as witnessed by two other traffic enforcers. Uberas’s companions failed to defend him when they saw a firearm tucked in the policeman’s waist.

“What is unacceptable is that the offender is a member of the Philippine National Police,” Leonardia said.

The mayor said he asked Senior Superintendent Jack Wanky, officer-in-charge of Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO), to identify the policeman.

“If it is proven, then he has to answer the complaint,” he added.

Councilor Dindo Ramos, chairperson of committee on transportation, said he will conduct a separate investigation on the incident.

Ramos had earlier said he will offer legal assistance to the traffic enforcer and they will file criminal and administrative charges against the policeman.

Superintendent Luisito Acebuche, head of BTAO, said the policeman was already identified as Police Officer 1 John Chan, a member of Special Action Force based in Sagay City.

Chan was positively identified by Uberas.

Acebuche said they will file physical injury and grave misconduct charges against Chan.

Aside from Uberas, two more traffic enforcers were also hurt by motorists in separate incidents last week.