AROUND 80 garbage loaders and tanods of Barangays Sawang Calero, Suba and Duljo-Fatima underwent a surprise drug test yesterday.

Councilor Dave Tumulak, deputy mayor for police matters, said the purpose of the drug test was to clear out speculations that tanods and loaders are into illegal drugs.

The surprise test came after Mayor Tomas Osmena stopped their honorarium.

Tumulak said the activity was part of the implementation of the City ordinance, which requires barangay tanods and government employees to undergo drug test every year.

Duljo-Fatima Village Chief, Elmer Abella said the drug test was a big help because the tanods serve as good influence in their barangay.

Despite the order of the mayor, Abella said service of the workers continued.

Abella added that they would more than happy if the allowances will be given back to them.

Sawang Calero Barangay Captain Ariel Yburan also supported the statement of Abella, saying drug test is really important because barangay workers, particularly tanods should serve as role models.

Yburan added that once one is addicted, one always go back into using illegal drugs, that’s why they have to remove them if the results are positive.

For his part, Mayor Tomas Osmena assured that he will give back the allowances as soon as they’re cleared from the matter.

Daghan kaayo wala mutrabaho, ato nang limpyuhon,” (There were a lot of them not doing their job, will be clearing that.) “Many of them did not submit the list, there’s no reconciliation that’s complete yet on the list,” Osmena added.

Each of the barangays sent their 20 tanods and at least seven loaders each for the drug test yesterday, but Tumulak said only 90 percent of workers joined the drug test. Rowinmar Espinosa, USJR Intern