THE Philippine Press Institute (PPI), also known as the National Association of Newspapers, has been receiving a barrage of complaints from supposed victims of a scam from an office or group pretending to be PPI, or from individuals claiming to be PPI employees–via email, SMS, facsimile, or any other form or mode of communication using PPI’s name and its appurtenances to be able to extort.

The PPI clarified that there is no such things came from its office in Intramuros.

“These are fake-and coming from posers and charlatans. Victims, would-be victims and the public in general are warned not to cooperate with these (fake) people or groups by (not) giving in to their absurd claims and demands,” said the PPPI in a press statement.

The PPI urged the public to report to its sectetariat any “such blatant, malicious, and evil efforts to malign the 64-year old organization, or use its name for their interests by making hapless and innocent victims fall into their traps.”

The organization said that it is keeping and documenting proofs of complaints alongside fake letters or messages as it has already consulted with the NBI for appropriate action.

“We, (the active and regular members, board, and secretariat) remain the true and authentic Philippine Press Institute whose lone office is located at Room 206, Banco Filipino Condominium, Aduana St., Intramuros, Manila,” PPPI said.

The organization can be reached at (02) 527-9632, 527-4478, and 527-3390 (fax), and email address