SEN. Leila de Lima told Justice Chief Vitaliano Aguirre to do that and to his boss, President Duterte, when Aguirre said she’d be liable for inciting to sedition.

That was before the court issued yesterday a warrant for Leila’s arrest on drug charges. Chances are she’d beat both Aguirre and Duterte on any trip the jailhouse.



Presidents are not spared from being called names even while they’re still in power. And President Duterte is no exception, not this week anyway when he was called:

-- “Davao Death Squad operator” -- by retired police officer Arturo Lascañas who said he killed drug suspects and other people on orders of then mayor;

-- “Sociopathic serial killer” -- by Sen. Leila de Lima, who in turn was called by Palace boys “crazy, off her rockers.”

-- “President with a toxic agenda” -- by Amnesty International, after Lascañas’s disclosures.



When asked why Sen. Leila de Lima would want to be detained at Camp Aquinaldo, AFP headquarters, not at Camp Crame, PNP headquarters, Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque said, is it because there are many men there?

Two hours after he said that, he sent out an apology, saying it was “out of line... an ill attempt at humor.” Roque was similarly burned before, at the House hearing on Leila’s driver/lover.



Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña’s post in his Facebook account last Tuesday said he’d be on Leo Lastimosa’s program on ABS-CBN at 5 p.m. on that day “in my (TRO’s) own words, unfiltered by print media.”

Unfiltered? Maybe not. Even in a broadcast interview, the interviewer filters by probing the answers and offering contrary fact or logic. Unless Tomas would do all the talking.