A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy who was on his way home from school was electrocuted in the mountain barangay of Agsungot, Cebu City last Wednesday afternoon.

Brent Joseph Maglasang, a Grade 2 student, was declared dead when he was rushed to the hospital for reportedly touching or stepping a live wire around 4 p.m.

“There was a wire, which was damaged, but I’m not sure if the boy held it or stepped on it when he and his friends were walking for home,” Agsungot Barangay Captain Noli Alcover said.

After she received the report about Maglasang, Alcover called the Visayan Electric Company (Veco) to fix the wire in Sitio Lower Agsungot.

Veco was able to fix it that night.

The barangay captain suspected that a big truck had snagged the wire.

The child’s parents have yet to decide whether to file a case for his death.

Talamban Police Chief Arieza Otida said she will send a team to investigate the incident.

Otida said they are still waiting for the child’s parents to file a complaint.