BACOLOD City Administrator John Orola said Thursday the management of AVM Bernardo slaughterhouse in Barangay Handumanan has no valid reason to implement a 10 percent fee increase.

Orola said the AVM Bernardo should show the records of their income for the past two years, including the services they offered.

On Monday, Orola along with Councilor Bartolome Orola, chairperson of committee on markets and slaughterhouse, personnel of Department of Trade and Industry, private sector representatives, and AVM Bernardo officials met in public hearing at the Bacolod Government Center to discuss AVM Bernardo’s request.

Last month, plant manager Glorydee Cometa sent a letter to the City Mayor’s Office asking the City Government to authorize them to implement at least 10 percent increase in slaughtering and delivery fees.

Cometa said for a period of eight years and five months, the slaughtering and delivery fee which they charge to meat vendors was never increased despite the interminable rising of prices of salaries and wages, electricity costs, petroleum products, which are the basics in operating a slaughterhouse.

She said they are asking for an increase of at least 10 percent as stipulated in Section 16 Article IV of the memorandum of agreement (MOA).

Orola said the private sector suggested to AVM Bernardo to conduct a study regarding their request.

“Their request has no valid reason and they lack data. They only cited the Section 16 Article IV of the MOA to implement an increase. The private sector also opposed their request,” he said.

Orola added that the private sector believes AVM Bernardo is earning a big profit.

Another hearing will be held next week.