WE RECENTLY did the Feng Shui analysis for a lovely home where businesses they started boomed for a few years, then began slipping. Considering that their main business was solid, it was frustrating that it needed capital infusion regularly. The return of investment was far from commensurate to the effort and input being placed into the business.

There were other challenges as well.

Aa's chart of the home showed that although they entered in the future prosperity direction, this lead directly to the misfortune direction, which was compounded by the size, decor, and use of the area. Current prosperity at their upper floor fell into the bathroom.

The illness star was located where an office used to be. This combined with another negative star, which denotes incurable disease. It was very fortunate that Aa and I were there to do the analysis in time. The previous occupants of this room did develop incurable diseases there. It was currently being used as a temporary office, and the one who was using the space was starting to feel disease.

It was great that the area they loved to stay in was the future prosperity location. Their stove was well placed, in a prosperous direction. Bed placements were mixed, some facing good, a few facing argument.

It's amazing how the analysis of the space gave numbers that added up and explained what the occupants were experiencing. These numbers would would also predict what would most likely happen.

It is highly probable that their home's Feng Shui-- that of joy turning into misfortune-- also attracted the location of their main business office. A look at this area showed that they were located at a negative direction, opening to another negative direction, facing yet one more negative direction.

This was further compounded by a mountain painting supposed to give them stability and success but was located in the illness direction.

There is hope. By identifying where the positive and negative directions are, we can now pinpoint where to institute cures and changes in both their home and their main office to bring about success. Finally, with the help of their flying stars, we can look forward to joy turning into bliss.

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