THE Baguio City Health Services Office has advised visitors who are coming for the Panagbenga Grand Street Dance Parade and Grand Float Parade on February 25 and 26 to strengthen their immune system.

City Health Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo said the public must have a strong immune system especially while watching the long parade under the sun.

Thousands are expected to flock in the Summer Capital anew for the annual flower festival.

“Dapat nakahanda tayo to increase our immune system. Dapat with tamang exercise, tignan natin ang ating diet, huwag magpuyat, huwag manigarilyo, huwag uminom ng alak, dapat with low salt, low fat, dapat all year round ay handa tayo,” Galpo said.

Galpo added when a person has a strong resistance and healthy condition, diseases can be avoided.

Since the temperature in the city is also warming up, Galpo said there could be possibilities of heat stroke.

Meanwhile Police Senior Inspector Melenium Bambilla Bantas of Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) said the public should be also aware of their surroundings to avoid theft and robbery cases.

Bantas said there are criminals from other areas who will be coming to the city to take advantage to the public.

“Criminals have different modus that are not noticeable so public should have extra care,” said Bantas.

Visitors are also advised not to bring valuables in public places and always put their bags in front of them and make sure their cars are properly locked to avoid theft and robbery. Those who stay in hotels or motels also should double check the door locks when leaving.

Around 600 police officers, with the help of different volunteers and action groups will be deployed around the city on weekend. The public is advised to report incidents to police for immediate action.