DAVAO City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc (DCCCII) is optimistic that more foreign investors will be coming to the city with the upcoming visits of Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely on Monday and South African Ambassador Marthinus Nicolaas Slabber on March.

During the second General Membership meeting of the chamber last Thursday, February 23, at the Royal Mandaya Hotel, DCCCII president Ronald Go said in his report there would be a total of four foreign ambassadors that would have had visited the chamber by March.

Previously, the chamber had already been visited by the Pakistani Ambassador Safdar Hayat and the Danish Ambassador Jan Top Christensen on January 16 and 30 respectively.

Christensen talked with Go and the rest of the chamber officials about Ikea and the technology that they might be able to bring in the Philippines. They also talked about how Denmark and Davao City can join together to develop what the city already has.

“They are very interested in pushing forth business with their particular countries and the city of Davao,” said Go.

Aside from the foreign ambassadors taking interest in the business potentials of Davao City, Go also said the chamber’s participation in various events during the early parts of the year paved way for more foreign investment interests in Davao City.

On January 25, the chamber met with the Foreign Trade Service Corps at the Marco Polo Hotel.

“The foreign trade service corps is a group of commercial councilors aiming to take local businesses to the global market place. So it was very productive for us because there were a lot of members from the chamber and we were able to share with them the different products we have. They are actually Filipinos assigned in different parts of the world,” said Go adding that they promised to help push and promote Davao’s local products, services, business events including the Davao Investment Conference and the Davao Agri Trade Expo.

“It really is a busy year. It actually bodes well for the city of Davao. It just shows that so many people are looking at our fair city as a destination for tourism and investment as well. For businessmen like ourselves, it really is a very exciting time,” said Go.