WHAT makes a certain food place a favorite? There are a lot of reasons ranging from food taste or serving size to ambience or the quality of service. But what if a restaurant promises “something new?” Now that’s another reason people should look forward to.

When it comes to food, many Filipinos are very familiar with Chinese cuisine. Cebu City is teeming with many gastronomic spots which locals can’t wait to hit up, including good comfort Chinese food spots. At City Time Square located in Mandaue City, Cebu, is a restaurant reeling in patrons by serving premium Chinese food; familiar flavors, different dining experience.

Welcome to Hokyan’s Special Cuisine. This fairly new restaurant offers special, hearty Chinese dishes prepared Hokyan style and has been operating since last year.

Most of the food on the menu here are served from small to large plates that make these perfect for sharing. For diners, it’s best to start off the meal with any of the restaurant’s assortment of soups. Favorites to choose from: Soup Number Five with Chinese herbs or Hokyan’s Maki soup or Radish Spareribs soup. Hokyan’s Special Cuisine also offers different kinds of congee—a Cebuano favorite.

For the main dishes, there’s the Braised Shredded Cabbage, Fried Crab with Cauliflower, Hokyan’s style Stew Beef and more favorites like the Sichuan style Spicy Fish, Fried Oyster Ball and Oyster Cake. All of these delicious dishes are ideal for casual get-togethers with family or friends. For those looking to try something that’s far from the usual, this is the place to be.