FORMER Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama has accused Mayor Tomas Osmeña of doing injustice to his grandfather, Don Vicente Rama, father of the Cebu City charter.

Instead of recognizing Don Vicente as the man behind the cityhood of Cebu, the City Government has highlighted the contribution of the late councilor Gervasio Lavilles.

Lavilles, also a lawyer, authored Municipal Resolution 138, which was passed on Aug. 31, 1931, calling on the Senate and the House of Representatives to enact a law converting the municipality of Cebu into a city.

Evangeline de Paula, daughter of Lavilles, presented the resolution yesterday during the program at Plaza Sugbo.

In his speech, Osmeña said the City is giving special honor to Lavilles who was the man who did all the work to form the City’s charter.

“As usual, naay laing mga tawo nga mangangkon. But let us not take away credit where credit is due,” he said.

The City started the celebration with a mass followed by the awarding of different individuals, groups and offices.

Unlike the previous celebration, there was no flower offering yesterday but flowers at the statue of Don Vicente were seen even before the program.

After the program organized by City Hall, the Rama family also held a separate celebration to commemorate the day.

They sponsored a mass at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and went to Plaza Sugbo right after to offer flowers to the statue of Don Vicente.

The family was led by the former mayor, along with Team Rama Councilors Philip Zafra, Pastor Alcover, some barangay captains and several supporters.

“He has not died in vain even if they want to change history,” Rama said.