THREE accused gamblers are facing charges before the court after they were arrested last week for playing card games.

Charged with violation of the Presidential Decree 1602, which penalizes illegal gambling, were Joey Barillo Angco, Allan Escuadro Hipolan and Phil Lumacang Sigue.

In a resolution dated February 23, prosecutor Faizal Padate found probable cause to charge the three accused based on the complaint filed by the Bunawan police station.

This developed after the three accused were arrested for playing card games, otherwise known as tong-its, at Pag-asa in Barangay Ilang, Bunawan, Davao City, last February 18.

Recovered from the possession of the accused were one set of cards, one plastic card container and a P670 bet money.

Padate said the office finds the arrest of the three accused valid under Rule 113 of the Revised Rules on Criminal Procedure, as they were allegedly caught in the act of violating the illegal gambling law during the arrest.