SENATOR Manuel "Lito" Lapid has filed a resolution calling for investigation on the 32 old buildings in Cebu City, which are found to be critically vulnerable to major earthquakes.

"There is a need to look into this matter to institute proper modifications needed to make the edifices in question withstand strong ground movement in the event of a strong earthquake to safeguard the general public," Lapid said.

In a three-week earthquake simulation conducted by the Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, Lapid said about 32 old buildings along the city's major thoroughfares were found to be extremely vulnerable to major earthquakes and are in dire need of retrofitting.

The simulation also revealed that building built before 1992 have a higher risk of being damaged in a magnitude-7 earthquake and that 50,000 people will be affected in the seismic activity, Lapid added.

To address the issue, Lapid asked Senate committee on public works to act on the vulnerability of old establishments in Cebu City, with the end view of instituting measures to modify said edifices and protect the welfare of the general public. (Sunnex)