DAVAO City Councilor Pilar Braga urged the Department of Education and the local government to study the use of solar energy for public schools in far flung barangays.

Braga, during the privilege hour before the 18th City Council last week that her productive trip in Los Angeles gave her an idea of endorsing the use of solar energy.

“I have learned in Los Angeles that all the schools are powered by solar energy. Solar schools bring a real world solar energy experience into the classrooms especially ideal for schools in hinterlands,” she said.

She added that aside from cost savings, the solar energy can also be a sustainable strategy to reduce carbon footprint.

Braga had the opportunity to visit a solar farm located between Nevada and California where she met Filipino Architects and was welcomed warmly.

She said that the Ivanpath Solar Electric Generating System, a concentrated thermal plant she visited has a gross capacity of 392 megawatts.

“It is like a coal plant here but instead of coal, they use solar panels to heat the steam and for the steam in turn to power the turbines. Thus the technology is very much cleaner and environment friendly,” she said. (KVC)