AN OFFICIAL of the agency tasked in educating and training police recruits urged the Philippine National Police (PNP) to strengthen their counter intelligence efforts to effectively weed out scalawags in the ranks.

General Ricardo Fernandez de Leon, president of the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) said that while there is an on-going program to educate and inculcate the ideal police work to the recruits during training, it is equally important that periodic evaluation and monitoring of those already in the police force be conducted to minimize the number of scalawags who are destroying the image of the PNP.

“The PNP should have a credible and strengthened counterintelligence network to identify police personnel who are violating the code of conduct set by the organization so that unti unti mawawala and mga malaswang police sa ating lipunan,” De Leon said.

He said that lifestyle and background checks be done to suspected police personnel and evaluate whether they are living within their means or they have acquired ill gotten wealth.

“Inept and corrupt police officer has no room in the PNP organization.” De Leon said.

De Leon, who was guest of honor during the graduation ceremony for the 167 new recruits, who passed the six months basic training at the Regional Training Center in Cagayan de Oro City, outlined the basic principles of discipline, a guide for the men and women of the PNP.

He said that aside from obedience and to follow lawful orders, policemen should exercise humility, orderliness, respect in dispensing their responsibility which is to serve and protect.

The new recruits will undergo the basic training for six months after which they will train for another six months of field training where they will be immersed in community work, and 45 days of military training.

“During the series of trainings, the recruits are molded to become ethically and spiritually ready, a foundation of becoming strong persons capable of serving the community and country” De Leon said.

PPSC said that a continuing recruitment is on going in the entire country until the 220,000 targeted quota for policemen is met. Currently there are 170,000 PNP personnel and 10,000 per year are needed.

PPSC said that among the current population, more or less two percent or about 30,000 are suspected scalawag police that could contaminate or are bad influence to the entire 170,000, notwithstanding the vulnerable new recruits.