WOMEN empowerment is the stirring force moving the wheels in our community, country and corners of the globe.

Boosting the morale of womankind, they lead the way in paving the road to equality, fairness and justice.

Angeles City Vice Mayor Vicky Vega Cabigting is recognized for her excellent implementation of programs in the advocacy of women rights and issues.

She stated:

“I stand tall on the hill of women empowerment. As long there is an abused and suffering woman and/or child on the face of our Mother Gaia (Earth), I will work for their emancipation. We will move heaven and earth to ease their suffering. The highest good (summum bonum) for every woman and child in our city is our ultimate challenging mission in our developmental work.”

Viva Angelenas…Viva mujeres… Viva Filipinas.”


Viewing the world's telescope on women leadership, we find the Internet files reflecting these attributes:

"Leadership has been described as "a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. For example, some understand a leader simply as somebody whom people follow, or as somebody who guides or directs other. While others define leadership as "motivating and organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal."

Power, values and visionary are qualities or attributes responsible leaders have.

Raymond Cattell, a pioneer in the field of personality assessment, developed the Leadership Potential equation.. This equation, which was based on a study of leaders is used today to determine the traits which characterize an effective leader. Herein are the traits of an effective leader, they include the following:

* Enthusiasm. Leaders are usually seen as active, expressive, and energetic. They are often very optimistic and open to change. Overall, they are generally quick and alert and tend to be people-oriented.

* Conscientiousness. Leaders are often moved by a sense of duty and tend to be very exacting in character. They usually have a very high standard of excellence and an inward desire to do one's work.

* High energy. Long hours and some travel are usually a prerequisite for leadership positions. Remaining alert and staying focused are two of the greatest obstacles you will have to face as a leader.

* Intuitiveness. Rapid changes in the world today combined with information overload result in an inability to "know" everything. In other words, reasoning and logic will not get you through all situations. In fact, more and more leaders are learning to the value of using their intuition and trusting their "gut" when making decisions.

* Team orientation. Business leaders today put a strong emphasis on team work. Instead of promoting an adult/child relationship with their employees, leaders create an adult/adult relationship which fosters team cohesiveness.

* Empathy. Being able to "put yourself in the other person's shoes" is a key trait of leaders today. Without empathy, you can't build trust. And without trust, you will never be able to get the best effort from your followers.

In sum, leaders are larger than life in many ways. Personal traits play a major role in determining who will empower and inspire other people in their life highlights.