CONSIDERING the busy schedule we have to face everyday, we sometimes find it hard to go shopping, right? However, with the advent of technology, shopping is made easy through online.

As a mom juggling career and family life, online shopping has definitely been a relief for me. Kikay Much Online Shop is one of the go-to pages I have been visiting on Facebook.

Its owner, 33-year-old Leilani Lao, narrated that she thought of going into this kind of business since she is a certified online shopper, too. Therefore, she really knows the relief that it can actually give to clients.

“As some of my purchased clothing have issues, like one doesn't fit me well, or I don't find it suitable for me, I resell them online. As time went by, I began to see the opportunity of earning so I started looking for suppliers from different parts of Luzon and Visayas and began selling brand new clothes in little quantities, until I finally decided to expand my market and took a chance to fly to Bangkok where I spend my entire day looking and shopping for stocks,” Lao recalled.

“Kikay Much Online Shop was started by my friend Twinkle Ang in 2011, selling pre-loved and some brand new clothes. When her family left for Canada in 2013, I took over and started as well selling only my pre-loved clothes. In 2015, I started to expand my market and focused on selling brand new clothing,” she added.

To keep up with competition, she ensures that her stocks are always fresh and trendy.

The mother-of-two shared that in choosing pieces, she always considered color, texture and quality, as she pointed out that it is important to always take into consideration the style.

“Fashion is endless. It is a loop of trend that keeps coming back. I choose pieces that are not way over the top or simply those that are simple and chic but wearable no matter what trend is in,” she said.

When asked how it is to be in an online business, Bea admitted that it is a great challenge, But, the benefits she gets from it are surely rewarding.

“Almost all are aware of the comfort of online selling. You get to skip the stress of paying rent, electricity, staff and all necessary. It is like businesses-on-the-go where you can market all you want anytime, anywhere,” Lao said.

“But online selling also requires a lot of time. You have to allot time to take photos of each and every item you are selling and make it eye-catching and noticeable because that is the main basis of consumers,” she added. “You need time in entertaining queries, packing orders, doing meet-ups, shipping and even in checking payments. Most consumers are price conscious; they have the tendency to ask away to their satisfaction just to assure themselves that the purchase is worth it.”

Unlike probably with other online sellers, Lao made sure that to religiously do one major obligation, to provide every information needed to help customers decide to purchase the item or not.

She revealed that with the different attitude of clients, she needs to have loads of patience “because you cannot always please everybody.”

Lao’s clients are composed mostly by students, office ladies, professionals, mothers, and even pregnant women. She said her items are priced fair for a reason; to be affordable enough to cater whoever would like to have them.

Personally, I have been a client of Kikay Much Online Shop for years now. In fact, she has also styled some local celebrities, including Ara Casas of ABS-CBN Davao.

Go, search for them now on Facebook and start picking the right pieces for you. The gorgeous Bea can also be reached via Viber or SMS at 09227137333.


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