IPHONE owners, rejoice! Apple recently changed its repair policy to say that repairs on an iPhone’s screen made by third-party service centers will no longer void the warranty. There’s a catch however. A big catch actually. You can read more about this here.

Still about mobile phones. Blackberry is back in the ring again with the KEYone. The "KEYone was purpose-built for people who appreciated the things that made old-school BlackBerrys so great” - its keyboard. This will be interesting in the coming months as it rolls out into the market. Holler if you were a BB fan but was forced to go the touchscreen route.

Have you watched Westworld on HBO when it was still airing? Interesting, ain’t it? AI. And not just some rudimentary AI. It was as advanced as it can be. To me, it was somewhere between in-what-level-AI-right-now and the movie-land-level-AI-of-JARVIS but not really on the doomsday level of Skynet. Anyway, current AI experts are now warning us all that it may come to a point that future robots will “demand equal rights.” This reminds me actually of Bicentennial Man.

To cap this off, here’s some movie magic info about colors from The Verge.