FOR the tired and weary, Guest Haven can be the perfect home away from home.

Owned and managed by couple Gino and Venus Carling, the bed and breakfast has served countless foreign and local tourists wanting to feel Igorot hospitality.

Located at No. 9 Justice Village, Marcos Highway, the home sits on the property formerly owned by the Philippine comedy king, Dolphy which was used as a grand summer home for his family, housing stars and film luminaries before it was acquired by the couple a few years back.

For the past three years, the couple from Besao and Sagada has been reaping reviews from visitors for the quaint establishment refurbished to fit the needs of today.

“When we acquired the property, the house was so old so we slowly renovated some parts. The house is a work in progress and slowly but surely we were able to transform into what it is today,” said Gino, a licensed architect adding his wife Venus, an industrial engineer by profession helped look for interiors that would fit in the home.

The rooms are named after the first four letters of the Hebrew Alphabet; Aleph, Beth, Gimmel, and Dalet, adorned with a collection of pieces collected by the couple as well as local artist from Tam – Awan Village, Clinton Aniversario.

The wood and brick summer home for the stars has become a haven for travelers who want to have a feel of a country home amidst the mountains, coupled with the hospitality of the couple who made the dream of having home available for everyone.

Although Guest Haven has only four rooms, each bedroom has its individual style furnished with pieces collected and restored over the years, tastefully furnished with a touch of rustic country-style appeal.

An outdoor garden with a well manicured landscape paired with the highland weather of the day with a bonfire is lit to warm guests at night will welcome guests who want quiet time.

A stay at the Guest Haven is not complete without having the experience of their signature breakfast at the dining area near the sun room and fireplace prepared by no less than the owners, coffee is offered at the café, where a host of coffee selections are displayed for guests to enjoy served hot overlooking the garden.

The tired and weary will surely find solace in the quiet calm Guest Haven offers travelers who want to enjoy the Pine City in a unique home environment.

Bookings can be made through (074) 422-99-35 and (63)998-198-9303 or at for easier transaction.