DARYL Descallar of Tabularasa and Art Tibaldo aims to open the doors for both Baguio and Davao artists in an exchange to feature not only art but also culture.

Descallar said the annual “Visit Davao Fun Sale” scheduled from April to May this year is a gathering of activities in Davao which will include an exhibit spanning 9 malls and over 1,000 masterpieces.

The event aims to packages the whole region as a tourist destination as well as a hub for the arts “We want to invite Baguio artists in to the event,” Descaller said.

In Davao, there are about 10 active art groups with Descaller batting to inspire more artists with the presence of the Baguio contingent’s presence in the summer event which promises to host 26 different events.

Tibaldo said Baguio artists are planning to attend the event and are raising funds for airfare and accommodation expenses of the group.

Tibaldo added a loose group of artists at the local thrift shop –cum bookstore, Bookends, are slowly emerging as the newest group of artists here.

Tibaldo said there are activities which interested artists who want to join the coming Davao exchange to augment resources and raise funds.

“We will be doing art activities like portrait sketching for a fee and we welcome sponsorship to cover our plane fare and travel expenses. The Baguio artists are expected to exhibit their works and do some cultural performances in Davao City by the third week of April while the Davao group will have their exhibit in Baguio by September as part of the month long charter celebrations.”

“Any support or assistance to this art exchange, please text or call me at 09178458534 or visit our Pasakalye art hub at Bookends book shop at the basement of UCPB-Baguio along T. Alonso Street,” Tibaldo said.