THE Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) in Abra saw the shame campaign against waste violators in Bangued effective for residents.

EMB Supervising Officer Joyce Ann Mangsat said the shame campaign has made residents strictly follow the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act and other environmental laws of the town.

Bangued, according to Mangsat has the highest waste generation in the province due to its population and the numerous establishments generating different waste.

Mangsat said the campaign opened the eyes of the residents and even tourists in complying with the law.

The environment official said two persons were apprehended and paraded after violating the environmental law. The campaign aims to discipline persons who violate any environmental laws especially those are under the solid waste management act.

Mangsat explained the campaign is part of the program of the local government where all the residents are urged to strictly follow environmental laws and help solve waste problems in the town adding when there are no effective strategies, people will continue to do practices that can lead to environmental degradation.

With the program, Bangued is now one the 27 municipalities which has complied to environmental laws while other municipalities in the province are mulling to follow the shame campaign.

While sustaining their gains against waste violators, Abra hopes to make improvement in its centralized material recovery facility.