FORMER mayor Mike Rama could be saying that to himself after being named again as a drug protector by President Duterte. In a Feb. 24 speech in Lanao del Norte, Duterte said, “I’ve mentioned him before, I’ll mention him again. Si Rama, governor of Cebu. Protector, eh.”

Last Aug. 6, 2016, he was mentioned, along with judges, politicians and police officers, as being involved in drugs.

As before, last Friday, no evidence was offered. Duterte just showed a black folder, looked into it, mentioned the Iloilo City mayor, Jed Mabilog, “a cousin of Senator Drilon,” and mentioned Rama (with no first name).

Worse, “nakapaet do, wa pa gyud hustoa ang imong title.” But in a way, Duterte raised Mike’s rank, from former city mayor to (incumbent) governor.

The problem is there’s no process in removing himself from the hell Mike is in. He doesn’t know the evidence against him, documentary or testimonial. As he would put it, “Paeta do.”



Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña reportedly called Presidential Asst. for the Visayas Michael Lloyd Dino and broadcaster-newspaper columnist Bobby Nalzaro “cockroaches.”

As expletive, “cockroach” is mild; it’s not even deleted in print or bleeped out in broadcast. It’s among Shakespeare’s insect insults.

Cockroaches are not super strong, not true they can survive a nuclear explosion. But they are so many, they eat anything and can mutate and adapt quickly to a harsh new environment. So they often survive any mass destruction.

If every time Tomas would see Dino and Bobby, he’d like to smash them with his foot, he must think they are cockroaches.

Flaw in the simile cum insult: Dino and Bobby look much better than the mayor, even minus any fashion/health accessory they carry.