THERE is a saying that “sometimes good things never last.” But if it is good – why can’t it last? Like love in marriage?

Sometimes in a married relationship, one will prefer to be silent, because when two are in conflict and so many words are already uttered, it only results into deeper wounds. Being silent is sometimes perceived as an act of indifference and that the person no longer cares, but it is an act to help spare the people surrounding you the pain that conflict can cause. They are the innocent children, who only wished to see their parents living together and loving each other, which are most often affected.

Sometimes in a married relationship, one has to leave the home, because he or she felt that they are no longer needed or respected. It does not mean abandoning the family, but sometimes the need for temporary space is important as it will help the heart mend and heal. The one that decides to leave may feel it is the right decision, but again, the children suffer.

Sometimes, one has to act unaffected by the absence of his or her partner who has not been home for days and weeks already. This does not mean he or she is ready and comfortable for that perceived permanent separation, but it may be happening because the person affected is expected to be strong and his or her downfall will affect many who have been considering her or him as a source of strength.

Sometimes, one has to choose not to give efforts of saving the relationship for the mean time. It does not mean the love is already lost but it may be that person would like the partner to realize what life is without her or him. This is alright, but sad, if the partner will have no realizations, thus putting the relationship in vain.

Sometimes in a married relationship, one becomes so distant because the partner seems to be irrational and unreasonable. The chronic wrong accusations can tire the heart. When a partner fails to listen, the other partner will no longer rekindle the reasons why in the first place he or she chooses them to be their husbands or wives.

But sometimes, these boil down to the idea that the couple become more pre-occupied of how they feel and not on how their partner feels. They give so much attention on their claimed pains, acting so self-centered as if their partners have no rooms to get hurt too.

Another reason is when a partner’s thoughts cannot be corrected and as if what they hear from others are the exact truths without validation. It will be hard for a partner to just be calm and submissive even if the accusations were absolutely untrue. How painful it is to be blamed for the family’s financial difficulties when one has given all of his or her life in working. Or how sad it is to be discredited because one is unemployed but is fully giving all his or her time to support the family in other ways.

Indeed, when a gap in communication occurs, sometimes a very beautiful relationship ends. Time is also important, if the two no longer spends time with each other, the need for both withers. And if there is disrespect, the eagerness to save a starting bitter relationship is not easy, even impossible.

Marriage for most is a bond between two people in love. It is expected to have struggles that can make couple retreat to continue what was once a very beautiful relationship. This is a normal path that couples will pass through. It is a test of love and one’s commitment to stay with each other for better or worse. But others fail to surpass this test of love.

Hey, fights are normal in a relationship because no two people are exactly the same. However, if it caused the relationship to end - it means that one or maybe the two of them have not fought for the love they once promised.

Oh, sometimes one can say “I lost the love” But maybe you didn’t and you just forgot to love your wife or husband, and when they are already away, it was only then that you will remember that you love them much!

I must say this to all – there is nothing worse in life than losing someone you thought you have never loved or lost the love, when exactly he or she is your exact definition of love. Friends, good things do last if we chose to make it last. Do you?