LA TRINIDAD Mayor Romeo Salda denied the request of Trading Post Disposers to construct dividers at the bagsakan area of vegetables.

Salda said the proposed dividers will only decrease the space allotted for each vendor.

"There is no need since the cubicles are painted so they know their spaces," the official insisted.

Complaints have been raised by sellers following the practice of displaying empty baskets by some vendors in their areas which has caused crowding at the vegetable trading post.

"Discipline is what we need, not barricades. We have the yellow painted lanes already," Salda said.

In a recent meeting between the local government, disposers and other stakeholders of the trading post, it was raised there are cubicles named to individuals but belong to another person.

Salda said through their monitoring, they will be able to identify those who have subleased their stalls.

"The market supervisor is conducting inspection specifically within numbered cubicles belonging to disposers," he said.