SAYING that he is against the construction of a power plant in Barangay Sawang Calero, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma urged the Cebu City Government to further study the project before approving it.

Palma said that he is concerned about the possible adverse effects of the proposed 300-megawatt coal-fired power plant on the residents.

Palma said that he recognized the need for more power, but a thorough study should be done first to determine if the plan of the Ludo Power Corp. (LPC) to build a power plant in Sawang Calero would not damage the environment, as well.

"I know that they are making an effort to respond to the needs of the people and we need more power, but I ask them for more studies. Because we are also aware of its adverse effects," the prelate said.

Palma also urged Cebu City officials to think of their constituents’ welfare before deciding on the proposal.

"In the end, history will judge us. Let us not just think of the moment, but of the generations to come," said Palma.

LPC had assured the City Government they would improve Sawang Calero and three other barangays in the city if the proposed power plant gets its approval.

If they get approval, LPC vowed to put up facilities, such as a 10-bed mini-hospital, fire substation, and improve the street lights in Barangays Sawang Calero, Pasil, Suba and Duljo-Fatima. They will also offer a scholarship program to some residents.

All of these will be provided by LPC for free.

However, various groups, including some Sawang Calero residents, are against the construction of the power plant.

Last month, nearly 100 residents of Barangays Sawang Calero, Suba and Pasil and other supporters rallied against the project.

Anti-coal plant groups, along with the residents, gathered in front of the old plant of LPC in Sawang Calero, with “no to coal” placards in their hands, showing their opposition to the project.