THE Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) eyed to help facilitate the agribusiness sector development in some of the most remote areas in Davao City.

DCCCII Trustee Arturo Milan told reporters Monday, March 6, among the areas the chamber seeks to help develop include the Paquibato and Marilog Districts.

“We need to work on these two because most of the land you see there is idle, sayang (it’s a waste) if we do not make an effort to improve it,” he said.

He emphasized the establishment of large-scale agriculture plantations such as palm oil and rubber would greatly aid in the generation of jobs.

“small vegetable gardens are not enough. In fact, the government has established the community-based forest management giving marginalized farmers a piece of property. The problem with it is that these farmers do not have enough capital,” he said.

Milan said upon receiving their portion of land, most of the farmers opt to sell it.

“Once the trees are almost productive, there is value to it so they sell it to others,” he said.

At the moment, DCCCII is conducting talks with the Department of Energy and Natural Resources to address the issues concerning the agribusiness development and the marginalized farmers in Paquibato and Marilog District.

“We are currently looking into programs that will prove effective to the marginalized farmers in making their lands productive,” he said.

Milan said the chamber hoped that the agribusiness sector in Paquibato and Marilog will be fully developed by the end of President Rodrigo Duterte's term.

When asked about the security threats from the New People’s Army that loom within the two districts, Milan said it isn't really a concern.

“I believe in business, security is not a problem. As long as there is a potential to make money, investments will just come and it will self-correct the issue because when people have jobs, they forget about making trouble in the area,” Milan said.