LAWMAKERS said the accusations of retired Senior Police Officer 3 Arthur Lascañas against President Rodrigo Duterte will have minimal effect on Davao City, city councilors Bernard Al-ag and Bai Halila Sudagar said on Tuesday.

"I think it will have a minimal effect [in the Davao City Government] because I think that the people in Davao City do not believe his statements. I think these statements should be proven," Al-ag said.

Al-ag said that the trust of stakeholders in Davao, the home city of the President, is still strong.

"There are no problems with investors if you look at the investments. Even in all the sector service or manufacturing sector, they are finding a hard time buying lot within the city," he said.

Al-ag also said that high satisfaction rating of the President said that the trust of people who voted for him did not waver and this can be shown in the latest surveys.

He added that based on the evidence given by his detractors, President Duterte can be seen in a relaxed mode.

"So tibuok Davao nag-panic na sa statement pero ang President ok ra man, dinha nato makita ang iyang strong personality and maturity in leadership (Almost the whole of Davao panicked on the statement, but the President kept calm, this is the hour when we can really see his strong personality and maturity in leadership)," he said.

Al-ag said as long as the City Government and the people continue to engage and will continue to be good citizens of Davao City, the city will be a good area for investments.

Meanwhile, Sudagar said the bombing of Mosques done under the alleged orders of the president could not be true.

"It is established that for many years President Duterte has shown care and concern to Muslim communities," she said.