ALMOST all college graduates wind up as lowly clerks, administrative aides and a few middle-level administrators.

This seems to be the overall orientation of schools churning out graduates with lowly ambition and goals.

Now, in view of the impending Asean integration and global competition, it is imperative that the upcoming graduates be educated on the benefits of entrepreneurship to make them competitive or at least at par with other budding entrepreneurs from the Asean counterparts.

The standard definition of entrepreneurship is the quality of skill required to become an entrepreneur.

It refers to the capacity required for identifying and generating innovative business ideas, mobilizing resources organizing production, marketing the products, managing the risks and constantly working for growth and excellence of the business.

There is no special skill needed to become an entrepreneur. All what is needed is persistence to start a business, no matter how small or modest it is. The other traits are vision, creativeness and resourcefulness. There are financial institutions now warming up to the idea of extending credit to micro and small to medium enterprises.

Entrepreneurship encourages independence of mind of those who venture in it. No need to report to bosses, no need to render reports to no one except the entrepreneur himself.

Entrepreneurship provides freedom to move about freely without time constraints and constant monitoring. More entrepreneurs should be welcomed to the market.

* * *

The linkage with Rotary Clubs of Pampanga North and Mabalacat Clark will be formally sealed in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to be forged between these clubs and the City Government of Mabalacat.

The objectives of this MOA are stated as follows: 1) to develop and promote mutual understanding and cooperation among the three organizations; 2) to exchange programs, publications, newsletters, audio-visual recordings, photographs, members' list and any items of interest among the three signatories, when requested; 3) to promote and undertake programs on livelihood, education, physical and sports activities in the community; and 4) to mutually assist one another in undertaking such projects for the general welfare of the population.

Rotary Club of Pampanga North's president is Nasser Pangilinan while Rotary Club of Mabalacat Clark has Shigeki Kito as president.

These gentlemen have made courtesy calls to Mayor Boking Morales at Xevera City Hall. The latter welcomed the efforts of the clubs in enabling various trainings.