DESPITE earning less from his job as a street sweeper, 59-year-old Avelino Sumagang did not hesitate to return to the owner the bag, which contains cash, gadgets and important documents, he found while on his way home.

The act of Sumagang touched some individuals including Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Lloyd Dino.

Yesterday, the Office of the President, through Dino, handed P5,000 and a plaque of recognition to Sumagang for his good deed.

“This is really a heroic act because he has the option to keep it but he returned it. He will serve as a good example,” Dino said.

Sumagang has been serving the Clean and Green Office of Mandaue City for more than ten years.

He only earns P4,000 monthly from the City Government.

In an interview, Sumagang said he had no intention of keeping the bag because he knew the owner will look for it.

It was the second time Sumagang found valuables and returned it to the owner.

“When I saw the bag, I was really thinking of returning it, especially when I saw that there’s money inside,” he said.

Anthony Ting, a businessman from Mandaue City who was touched by the honesty of Sumagang, also gave a livelihood grant to the street sweeper.