WITH the re-launching of the governments' anti-illegal drugs campaign, Oplan Tokhang, the Police Regional office (PRO)-Davao will tap the religious sector in carrying out house visitations to convince the suspected drug personalities to surrender.

PRO-Davao Deputy Regional Director for administration (DRDA) Marcelo Morales said on Wednesday, March 8, that they are currently finalizing details on the implementation of the provisions under the second wave of "Oplan Double Barrel: Reloaded."

Morales said they are enjoining the local church in line with the directive of the national headquarters.

"We will encourage the participation of the religious sectors sa mga Oplan Tokhang operations namin because the presence of the members of the communities especially the religious sector will add sincerity sa effort na ginagawa ng PNP (Philippine National Police)," Morales said.

The Catholic Church has been a staunch critic of the PNP in its campaign against illegal drugs. The invitation will give the religious sector a clear picture of what is happening on the ground.

"It is a not always violent na katulad ng nasa impression ng karamihan. Ang talagang Oplan Tokhang to ensure na yong mga involve sa illegal drugs will be convinced not to pursue or not to continue their activities," he said.

Morales said that the invitation is not only for Catholics but also for other religious denominations such as Islam, Iglesia ni Cristo, among others.

He said that with this strategy, allowing parish priests and pastors to be present, will persuade the alleged drug pushers or ushers to seek a reformed life.

"The presence of the members of the communities especially the religious sector will contribute a lot in convincing these persons," he said.